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Message directly with your pharmacist in-app

HIPAA Secure 2-Way Messages

Whether you have a question about your medication regimen or the cost of your prescriptions, your pharmacist is always one text away. All messages are HIPAA secure, meaning your personal information is safe. No one but your pharmacy can access these messages.

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Manage all of your family’s medications at once

Prescription Management & Patient Portal

Access all of your family’s health information such as prescriptions, allergies, insurance, and healthcare providers in one place. If you are managing medications for a child, spouse, or elderly family member, RxLocal keeps you organized with the information you need, when you need it.

Request refills and set medication reminders

Refills & Reminders

Gone are the days of calling your pharmacy to refill a prescription. Request refills with one click and get notified when they are ready for pickup or out for delivery. You can also set medication reminders within the app so that you never miss a dose.