Products and Services

Products and Services


other vaccines available per request







Durable Medical Equipment

Bathroom Safety

Bathroom safety

Walking Aids

wheelchair rollator walking aid

Lift Chairs

lift chair

Hospital Beds and Mattresses

Hospital Bed

Incontinence Supplies

Incontinence pads diapers

Socks and Stockings

compression stockings

Colon and Urological Supplies

Respiratory Supplies


Insurance Disclaimer

Waltham Pharmacy offers self-pay-only home medical equipment solutions for DMEs only. Reasons for self-pay include challenges finding qualiy Medicare B DME providers, high deductibles, and slow equipment processing times. Unlike insurance-contracted providers, we prioritize personalized solutions. Visit out retail showroom for a personalized experience with a professional team attuned to your needs and budget.


Medication Synchronization

Increase convenience of getting all medication on the same day every month.

Eliminates the need to make several trips to the pharmacy each month

Coordinate whole family’s refills for the same day.

Our trained staff will work with you to increase your adherence and improve your outcome. 

Unit Dose Packaging

Improves overall drug control and drug use monitoring

Easily locating containers that have been tampered with or damaged

Blister cards offer a safe and convenient way to administer medicines to patients eliminating any possibility of medication errors.

Dispill Packaging

Eliminates the need to create your own pill box.

Detachable individual packs to take on the go.

Packaging for morning, noon, evening and bedtime.